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There is no "I" in Team, but we sure are glad there is "u" in our volunteers!


Wayne Christie at Timaru
Wayne Christie at Timaru
Photo: Euan Cameron


Are you interested in helping out at motorsport events?


The South Canterbury Car Club Inc is proud to have a large and enthusiastic group of volunteers who help out at all kinds of motorsport events. From the V8’s to Hillclimbs, at the Circuit to closed public roads.

We are however always keen to make additions to our family of volunteers and should you have any questions regarding what you can add, we are here to answer your questions. No matter how small or complex they may be.

Being a Motorsport Volunteer can open up a large world of advantages to you.

You’ll find that you ...
• Will be close to the Action.
• Provided with a free ticket.
• Fed - Lunch provided.
• Will become part of an existing experienced friendly team.
• Will be shown what you need to know.

Motorsport Volunteers – More opportunities than you might think.

Flag Marshalls – situated right beside the track and in the thick of the action. Flags are the method with which Officials communicate with the Drivers.

Vehicle Recovery – The “towies”. Responsible for returning damaged or broken down vehicles to the pits after each race finishes. Again situated close to the action, a real hands on position.

Pit Lane Marshalls – Situated out the front. This job involves dealing with the Drivers, Cars and Team members. Close to the action.

Starter – Not only what the name suggests, the Starter counts the laps, informs the drivers with flags and boards, and most importantly chequered flags the finish.

Race Control – A great view and constant activity, run the race lights, operate the radios, control events as they happen this job is not for everyone but for those with the skills a rewarding position.

Secretarial – For those with a flair for the paperwork and people skills. Meet the Drivers, Managers and the public. Solve problems. Handle inquiries. Guide the meeting. A full on position not to close to the cars.

Should you have any questions about how you can play a part in our volunteer family please feel free to contact one of the following people:

Karen Paddon, Motorsport Manager South Canterbury Car Club, Ph 614 7514

Howard Atwill, Operations Supervisor South Canterbury Car Club, Ph 614 7514

Dave Remmerswaal, Club Captain, Ph 021 168 6038

Steve Sole, Chief Flag Marshall, Ph 027 684 3354


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